What Vaccines Does Your Little One Need?

A vaccine is made with inactive parts of an antigen. When the vaccine is administered to a child, the antigen in it triggers an immune response in the kid’s body. This mimics the first reaction to the actual pathogen. In this way, the body develops the memory of the pathogen and gets trained to fightContinue reading “What Vaccines Does Your Little One Need?”

How is ICSI different from IVF?

ICSI and IVF are two different techniques that are used to treat infertility. ICSI is used in conjunction with IVF. There are so many similarities between ICSI and IVF procedure. In both procedures, the egg cells are artificially retrieved from the women. The fertilization happens outside the female body in both procedures. The embryo thusContinue reading “How is ICSI different from IVF?”

What is the Role of NICU for Premature Baby

The neonatal intensive care unit, more commonly referred to as NICU is an intensive care unit for newborns that are born prematurely. The welcoming of a new child into the family is, of course, one of the most wonderful moments of a person’s life but also complex as many physical and emotional changes occur forContinue reading “What is the Role of NICU for Premature Baby”

Treatment for unexplained infertility

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a few months and are failing, you may be experiencing unexplained infertility. The diagnosis of unexplained infertility is difficult, and about 20% of infertile couples experience it. However, nothing is lost; even if your infertility cannot be explained, it is treatable. When is your infertility unexplained?Continue reading “Treatment for unexplained infertility”

A Beginners’ Guide to Semen/Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is also called sperm cryopreservation. It was introduced in the1960s. Back then it was recognized as an efficient male infertility management technique. Today it is performed for various reasons. Men who have undergone vasectomy can opt for freezing. This is because there is no sperm in the semen. It is also useful forContinue reading “A Beginners’ Guide to Semen/Sperm Freezing”

5 Reasons for a Hysterectomy

There is a common surgical procedure in which many women go through treatment for various health conditions specifically concerned with a female reproductive system called hysterectomy. This is done by uterus removal. There are different procedures for different types of reproductive systems that depend on the nature of the condition. Common Reasons for Hysterectomy UterineContinue reading “5 Reasons for a Hysterectomy”

How To Choose The Best IVF Centre?

If you are looking to take a step ahead towards your dream of being a parent and are troubled by fertility issues, you are probably looking into various fertility treatment options like IVF. Along with understanding the treatment and what to expect from it, it is also important to indulge in some research about whatContinue reading “How To Choose The Best IVF Centre?”

Hormone Therapy for Menopause Treatment

The World Health Organization defines menopause as the transition from the reproductive to the non-reproductive stage.  This phase is marked by vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night time chills, severe mood swings and disturbed sleep patterns. Further, women also experience forgetfulness, pain during penetration and physical changes like gaining weight and thinning hair. The good newsContinue reading “Hormone Therapy for Menopause Treatment”

Typical problems that are taken care of in pediatric neurology

Pediatric neurology or child neurology as commonly known is a specialized branch of medicine that takes care of the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in: Neonates (newborns) Infants Children Adolescents This field essentially looks after the diseases and disorders of the following parts of a child’s body: Spinal cord Brain The peripheral nervous system,Continue reading “Typical problems that are taken care of in pediatric neurology”

Here’s when to see a pediatric gastroenterologist: FAQs

When it comes to kids, an occasional tummy ache is normal. Some stomach aches may seem harmless, while some can cause a much bigger issue. Pediatric gastroenterologists in Chennai and elsewhere are doctors who tend to children’s abdominal pains. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about whenContinue reading “Here’s when to see a pediatric gastroenterologist: FAQs”

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