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The Purpose of USG in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is common for your doctor to prescribe an ultrasound (USG) to check your baby’s growth and to monitor your pregnancy status. In addition, fetal ultrasonography is routinely done to assess suspected anomalies or confirm a diagnosis. Ultrasound tests help generate images of the developing foetus and the mother’s reproductive organs. The averageContinue reading “The Purpose of USG in Pregnancy”

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During IVF

Modern scientific research has found that IVF treatment is directly connected to an increase in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. This is directly related because a woman is most of the time considered to be the cause of the inability to reproduce, and a man s considered to be less of a man ifContinue reading How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During IVF

5 must-follow things after IUI treatment

In recent times infertility issues are increasing day by day.  Some of the precipitating factors that contribute to high infertility in males and females are pollution, changes in lifestyle, stress, hormones including many more.  But with increasing advancements, many methods such as IUI treatment, surrogacy, and IVF are possible that can help in conceiving. Also,Continue reading “5 must-follow things after IUI treatment”

What are the Stages of a Normal Delivery?

Normal delivery is when a baby is delivered without the need for surgery. While a caesarean can be a painless delivery, several women opt for a vaginal birth. At times, a caesarean cannot be prevented due to complications during delivery. However, if you are aiming for a normal delivery, it is best to be awareContinue reading “What are the Stages of a Normal Delivery?”

IVF or IUI – What Should You Choose

Fertility treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) are used to aid people with trouble conceiving. IUI and IVF techniques differ in that IVF includes egg stimulation, retrieval, fertilisation, and transfer, whereas IUI entails injecting sperm into a uterus to reduce the sperm’s travel to the egg. When you start theContinue reading “IVF or IUI – What Should You Choose”

5 Superfoods for a Less Painful Delivery

Bringing a new life into the world is an exciting process that necessitates a look of your dietary intake. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to overeat during pregnancy. Whether you entirely avoid certain foods or have a strong desire for others, the food choices you make are crucial to a healthy pregnancyContinue reading “5 Superfoods for a Less Painful Delivery”

How To Prepare Yourself For IUI?

There are several doubts and concerns that couples generally have before an IUI pregnancy. It is okay to have concerns since it is about your baby’s life. This article will give you complete insights on how you can prepare yourself for the IUI procedure. Make sure you read the article till the end. Stay tuned!Continue reading “How To Prepare Yourself For IUI?”

How to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally?

Many people who are sexually active don’t necessarily want to get pregnant. They might wonder on how to avoid pregnancy naturally. This is because many women feel uncomfortable with a contraception device or birth control pills. The best method to completely avoid pregnancy naturally is by abstaining from sex. If that is not an option,Continue reading “How to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally?”

Understand how the HSG test works

The HSG treatment is a blood test that determines whether a person’s immune system will respond to the protein in another person’s tissue. The HSG test is done to determine if the person needs any type of transplant or if there is a risk of rejection by their immune system. The tests are also done to determineContinue reading “Understand how the HSG test works”

Which Fruits Must Never Be a Part of Your Pregnancy Diet?

One of the greatest gifts to women is their power to reproduce. And while it can be an extremely joyful experience to become a mother, there are many things to keep in mind for a healthy pregnancy. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a healthy baby is eating the rights foods. Fruits andContinue reading “Which Fruits Must Never Be a Part of Your Pregnancy Diet?”