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Tips to stay positive during IVF rounds

Getting an IVF treatment from an IVF centre can be very anxious. You need to go through medication, procedures, and emotions. Amid all this, it can be very difficult to stay calm and positive throughout the cycle. However, stress can negatively impact the outcome of your fertility treatment. So, staying positive and calm during IVFContinue reading “Tips to stay positive during IVF rounds”

A General Overview on Fertilization

Fertilization is the union of the male sperm and the female egg, which takes place in a region of the fallopian tube called ampulla. Once the egg is fertilized successfully, the prenatal development of the zygote cell is initialized. The normal process of fertilization in humans requires the sperms to be ejaculated inside the vaginalContinue reading “A General Overview on Fertilization”

Points to remember before ICSI procedure

ICSI is another form of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. The acronym ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. The ICSI procedure is carried out when there is severe male infertility. The couple has frequent failed fertilization attempts with other treatments such as conventional IVF or after egg freezing. The ICSI procedure is also used forContinue reading “Points to remember before ICSI procedure”

Which Factors Contribute to a High-Risk Pregnancy

About 20-30% of all pregnancies in India are high risk. This means both the mother and the baby are at increased chances of health problems. It includes preterm delivery, high blood pressure, breech position, miscarriage and poor birth weight. This is when you will require specialized help from the best gynecologist hospital in Bangalore. TheContinue reading “Which Factors Contribute to a High-Risk Pregnancy”

5 Questions you need to ask about IUI

Pregnancy, while it can evoke feelings of sheer joy in some women, others might feel it more stressful, the reason being difficulty in conceiving. Facts say that a woman has 25% of getting pregnant during her menstrual cycle when she’s in her 20s and 30s; the reality is not as positive for some. Whether it’sContinue reading “5 Questions you need to ask about IUI”

What Vaccines Does Your Little One Need?

A vaccine is made with inactive parts of an antigen. When the vaccine is administered to a child, the antigen in it triggers an immune response in the kid’s body. This mimics the first reaction to the actual pathogen. In this way, the body develops the memory of the pathogen and gets trained to fightContinue reading “What Vaccines Does Your Little One Need?”

How is ICSI different from IVF?

ICSI and IVF are two different techniques that are used to treat infertility. ICSI is used in conjunction with IVF. There are so many similarities between ICSI and IVF procedure. In both procedures, the egg cells are artificially retrieved from the women. The fertilization happens outside the female body in both procedures. The embryo thusContinue reading “How is ICSI different from IVF?”

What is the Role of NICU for Premature Baby

The neonatal intensive care unit, more commonly referred to as NICU is an intensive care unit for newborns that are born prematurely. The welcoming of a new child into the family is, of course, one of the most wonderful moments of a person’s life but also complex as many physical and emotional changes occur forContinue reading “What is the Role of NICU for Premature Baby”

Treatment for unexplained infertility

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a few months and are failing, you may be experiencing unexplained infertility. The diagnosis of unexplained infertility is difficult, and about 20% of infertile couples experience it. However, nothing is lost; even if your infertility cannot be explained, it is treatable. When is your infertility unexplained?Continue reading “Treatment for unexplained infertility”

A Beginners’ Guide to Semen/Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is also called sperm cryopreservation. It was introduced in the1960s. Back then it was recognized as an efficient male infertility management technique. Today it is performed for various reasons. Men who have undergone vasectomy can opt for freezing. This is because there is no sperm in the semen. It is also useful forContinue reading “A Beginners’ Guide to Semen/Sperm Freezing”