5 Major Attractions You Cannot Miss in Sharjah

Want to take a break from work and immerse yourself in some natural and cultural bliss? Consider taking a trip to the cultural capital of the UAE on a flight to Sharjah. These top 5 attractions will be waiting for you. Sharjah Art Museum Lying in Corniche Street, Sharjah, it’s one of the largest artContinue reading “5 Major Attractions You Cannot Miss in Sharjah”

What is Net Worth and Why Should You Know It?

In simple terms, net worth is the amount by which assets exceed liabilities. It is value in cash that you would sell off all that you own and clear your EMIs. It is a metric to evaluate an individual’s or company’s financial standing. Assets can include retirement accounts, cash present in a bank account, mutualContinue reading “What is Net Worth and Why Should You Know It?”

Life Insurance Policy Types And Who Are They Suitable For

According to experts, our financial planning is incomplete without a life insurance plan. An insurance policy protects the economic well-being of dependant family members in the case of an unforeseen incidence that results in the policyholder’s untimely death. However, many people are surprised to learn that there are diverse types of life insurance plans—each withContinue reading “Life Insurance Policy Types And Who Are They Suitable For”

5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip

If you are a regular on Delhi to Dhaka flights, you would be most aware of the baggage rules and restrictions to adhere to on these international flights. If there’s shopping on your mind this time around, you may wish to pack light and add an extra bag. It is also a good idea toContinue reading “5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip”

Easy Yet Effective Ways To Save Tax

In order to save tax, we must all engage in tax-saving schemes such as National Pension System (NPS), Public Provident Fund (PPF), Savings Account Certificate (NSC), and so on.  People are always looking for methods to save money on their taxes.  Nobody wants to pass up opportunities to save money on taxes.  Different folks chooseContinue reading “Easy Yet Effective Ways To Save Tax”

Understand how the HSG test works

The HSG treatment is a blood test that determines whether a person’s immune system will respond to the protein in another person’s tissue. The HSG test is done to determine if the person needs any type of transplant or if there is a risk of rejection by their immune system. The tests are also done to determineContinue reading “Understand how the HSG test works”

Which Fruits Must Never Be a Part of Your Pregnancy Diet?

One of the greatest gifts to women is their power to reproduce. And while it can be an extremely joyful experience to become a mother, there are many things to keep in mind for a healthy pregnancy. One of the most important aspects of ensuring a healthy baby is eating the rights foods. Fruits andContinue reading “Which Fruits Must Never Be a Part of Your Pregnancy Diet?”

How Does PMAY Make Home Purchase Easy?

The Pardan Mantri Avash Yojna was launched in 2015 and was aimed at providing affordable housing for everyone by 2022. Under the PMAY Scheme, The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has extended a subsidy known as Credit Linked Subsidy or CLSS for the construction of new homes and for refurbishment or extension ofContinue reading “How Does PMAY Make Home Purchase Easy?”

Differences Between Child Education Plans and Child Insurance Plans

Child insurance and investment plans are designed to secure your child’s future. This is especially needed in the unfortunate event of a parent’s death. Well-structured policies ensure the children do not have to compromise on their educational needs and lifestyle. But both plans differ from each other in certain aspects. It is vital to haveContinue reading “Differences Between Child Education Plans and Child Insurance Plans”

Investing in ELSS Mutual Funds: Here’s What You Should Know

ELSS mutual funds or Equity Linked Savings Schemes are the most popular category of Equity funds in India. These schemes predominantly invest in equities and equity-related instruments. Investment in these schemes comes with a lock-in period of three years besides being eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C. These schemes aim to balance the riskContinue reading “Investing in ELSS Mutual Funds: Here’s What You Should Know”

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