How to Prepare for a Home Loan?

Want a home loan to finance your property investment? Whether you think of “home loan ke liye documents” or other procedures, the application process is simple. Here is how you can prepare yourself to get a house loan. Focus on Your Credit Score and Report The lender checks your CIBIL score to determine your creditworthiness.Continue reading “How to Prepare for a Home Loan?”

Treatment for unexplained infertility

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a few months and are failing, you may be experiencing unexplained infertility. The diagnosis of unexplained infertility is difficult, and about 20% of infertile couples experience it. However, nothing is lost; even if your infertility cannot be explained, it is treatable. When is your infertility unexplained?Continue reading “Treatment for unexplained infertility”

Certifications every CA should consider doing

There was a time when obtaining a CA designation was enough to get a good job. Today, however, the importance and demand for experts in specialized areas such as equity research, business management, risk management, etc. have increased with globalization. Thus even after becoming a CA, there are certification programs that can benefit a CA.Continue reading “Certifications every CA should consider doing”

5 Things You Must Try in Doha’s The Pearl Qatar

Imagine visiting an enthralling man-made island spread across 14 square kilometres! That’s The Pearl Qatar at Doha. Housing nearly 46,000 people, it’s the most luxurious region in Qatar you must visit. Resting near Doha’s west bay lagoon, the Pearl waits to delight you with its architectural excellence and a host of refreshments. So, book aContinue reading “5 Things You Must Try in Doha’s The Pearl Qatar”

Should You Buy a Home or Rent a House?

Did you know that in 1961, 54% of Indians lived in rented houses? In 2017, just 28% of the urban population lives in rented homes, according to the 2017-18 Economic Survey. The Indian government is aiming to reduce the number of people living in rented homes even further with its “Housing for All” mission. UnderContinue reading “Should You Buy a Home or Rent a House?”

Top Performing Mutual Funds in India in 2021

The Indian mutual funds segment is witnessing good inflows and its total assets under management have grown at a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 20.6% in the last five years. The growth has been driven by the uptrend in the equity markets, improving global economic scenarios and the growing investor interest in theContinue reading “Top Performing Mutual Funds in India in 2021”

ULIPs vs. Mutual Funds: Which is the Right Option for You?

Mutual funds are one of the most lucrative wealth creation options. These can be long term or short term and allow for different risk options. One can put their money into mutual funds for the long term or the short term, depending on their goals. Unit Linked Insurance Plans offer a selection of these benefits,Continue reading “ULIPs vs. Mutual Funds: Which is the Right Option for You?”

5 things to know about CFA

The path to becoming a CFA charter holder is neither easy nor for the faint-hearted. The journey is long; it will test your knowledge of the subject and also your diligence and endurance. The CFA Institute calls the program a self-study and distance learning program with a generalist approach to valuation,  portfolio management, and investmentContinue reading “5 things to know about CFA”

5 Renowned Kebab Places for Meat Lovers in Delhi

Kebabs have historically held a very special spot in the hearts of all meat lovers. This juicy, spicy dish from the Mughlai cuisine is a favourite in many cities across the country. The melt-in-the-mouth delicacy also happens to be a favourite among Delhiites. The capital city has historically been one of the major centres forContinue reading “5 Renowned Kebab Places for Meat Lovers in Delhi”

Top investment options for salaried people

We all know the importance of investment. It is very much required to lead a financially balanced life. One needs to invest in the right type of investment at the right time in order to generate returns. There are certain aspects of investments that need to be considered by the investor before making the investmentContinue reading “Top investment options for salaried people”

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