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5 must-follow things after IUI treatment

5 must-follow things after IUI treatment

In recent times infertility issues are increasing day by day.  Some of the precipitating factors that contribute to high infertility in males and females are pollution, changes in lifestyle, stress, hormones including many more.  But with increasing advancements, many methods such as IUI treatment, surrogacy, and IVF are possible that can help in conceiving.

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IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination, is one of the most popular fertility treatment methods opted for by thousands of people every year.  It involves the transfer of the semen from the male partner directly into the uterus of the female using a catheter.  The ovulation period is considered one of the best times to carry out the procedure.  You can find many options in India that can help you in finding the best fertility clinics with affordable IUI treatment cost.

5 must-follow things after IUI treatment

The fertility treatments are a little tricky as your hormones, ovulation, eating habits, the responsiveness of the body, etc and many more factors are involved.  Below we have mentioned some must-follow steps that you should consider practising after the IUI treatment.  They are as follows:

  • Eat a balanced diet:

Fertility treatments are demanding and can be hectic for your body.  So to maintain normal functioning, eat a healthy and balanced diet.  Give proper time to your fitness to achieve pregnancy.  You can practice yoga and contact an expert that can help you in following exercises that can increase the chances of conceiving.  With a proper routine involving good food, exercise and lifestyle, the chances of success in IUI treatment increase.

  • Contact an expert:

Once your IUI procedure is completed, you should still be in touch with your fertility expert.  They can give the right advice to conceive.  Many fertility experts can be found on the internet but we will suggest that you choose a doctor that can understand your situation.  The comfort level is another factor to consider when you are searching for a health professional.  So try to be in contact with a health professional for better suggestions.

  • Avoid stress

When you are trying to conceive, having stress in your life can be the biggest enemy of your IUI procedure.  Excessive stress levels can cause an imbalance in your hormones, affecting your pregnancy.  So try to be happy and perform activities such as meditation to be calm after your treatment.

  • Follow a healthy sleep pattern.

The IUI procedure can be stressful for the mother’s body.  So to keep your body healthy, start following a good sleep pattern.  Daily sleep of at least 7-8 hours is essential to achieve excellent results after the treatment.  There are many IUI treatment side effects that you can avoid by following a good lifestyle and sleep pattern.


With increasing infertility, the demands for health professionals and clinics are also rising.  If you are trying to find a fertility clinic in Bangalore, search properly through the internet.  Many clinics in India are there that can cater to all your needs.  The above article discusses the steps you should follow after the IUI treatment, so if you are opting for it, read it carefully.

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