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5 Reasons for a Hysterectomy

There is a common surgical procedure in which many women go through treatment for various health conditions specifically concerned with a female reproductive system called hysterectomy. This is done by uterus removal. There are different procedures for different types of reproductive systems that depend on the nature of the condition. Common Reasons for Hysterectomy UterineContinue reading “5 Reasons for a Hysterectomy”

How To Choose The Best IVF Centre?

If you are looking to take a step ahead towards your dream of being a parent and are troubled by fertility issues, you are probably looking into various fertility treatment options like IVF. Along with understanding the treatment and what to expect from it, it is also important to indulge in some research about whatContinue reading “How To Choose The Best IVF Centre?”

Hormone Therapy for Menopause Treatment

The World Health Organization defines menopause as the transition from the reproductive to the non-reproductive stage.  This phase is marked by vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night time chills, severe mood swings and disturbed sleep patterns. Further, women also experience forgetfulness, pain during penetration and physical changes like gaining weight and thinning hair. The good newsContinue reading “Hormone Therapy for Menopause Treatment”

Typical problems that are taken care of in pediatric neurology

Pediatric neurology or child neurology as commonly known is a specialized branch of medicine that takes care of the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in: Neonates (newborns) Infants Children Adolescents This field essentially looks after the diseases and disorders of the following parts of a child’s body: Spinal cord Brain The peripheral nervous system,Continue reading “Typical problems that are taken care of in pediatric neurology”

Here’s when to see a pediatric gastroenterologist: FAQs

When it comes to kids, an occasional tummy ache is normal. Some stomach aches may seem harmless, while some can cause a much bigger issue. Pediatric gastroenterologists in Chennai and elsewhere are doctors who tend to children’s abdominal pains. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about whenContinue reading “Here’s when to see a pediatric gastroenterologist: FAQs”

The Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi

A beautiful smile boosts our self-esteem and has an impact on our social interactions. It is critical to take oral health seriously to maintain a healthy smile. Brushing twice a day isn’t the only way to keep your teeth healthy. You should also eat a healthy diet and have regular dental checkups. You can visitContinue reading “The Best Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi”

5 Truths to Know About IVF Treatment

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has completely revolutionized pregnancy possibilities. More than 8 million children have been born through this assisted reproductive technology. It brings you a step closer to conception and could be the right choice for family planning for infertile couples. In fact, the global market size if expected to gain 10% growth betweenContinue reading “5 Truths to Know About IVF Treatment”

Cryopreservation of Embryos: What is it? How is it beneficial?

Embryo cryopreservation is the procedure of freezing and storing embryos. It is a part of most IVF programs. People choose this process for reasons that range from providing an additional shot at pregnancy to saving embryos because of certain medical treatments. Why is the cryopreservation of embryos done? There are several reasons a couple mightContinue reading “Cryopreservation of Embryos: What is it? How is it beneficial?”

3 Top Labor Complications and How to Manage Them

Roughly 15% of all pregnant women develop potentially life-threatening complications. Further, the labor phase also comes with certain complications. These include looped umbilical cord, amniotic cavity issues, pernineal lacerations and water breaking earlier than due. However, the good is that these rarely have severe impact on the mother or the baby. In the hands ofContinue reading “3 Top Labor Complications and How to Manage Them”

What is Cardiovascular Nursing?

Cardiovascular diseases take away roughly 17.9 million lives each year which includes coronary heart disease, blood vessels disorders and rheumatic heart disease, according to an article by World Health Organization. The key risk factors include diabetes, poor diet, high blood pressure and alcohol abuse. So, taking proper care of the heart should be every individual’sContinue reading “What is Cardiovascular Nursing?”