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Is IFRS a wise career choice?

Since IFRS compliances are becoming mandatory in India, it is stressing the importance for one to know about IFRS. At the same time, this increases the scope of a career as an IFRS professional and the need for professionals having the skill set that is, at present, a rare resource. Scope of IFRS Reporting inContinue reading “Is IFRS a wise career choice?”

Certifications every CA should consider doing

There was a time when obtaining a CA designation was enough to get a good job. Today, however, the importance and demand for experts in specialized areas such as equity research, business management, risk management, etc. have increased with globalization. Thus even after becoming a CA, there are certification programs that can benefit a CA.Continue reading “Certifications every CA should consider doing”

5 things to know about CFA

The path to becoming a CFA charter holder is neither easy nor for the faint-hearted. The journey is long; it will test your knowledge of the subject and also your diligence and endurance. The CFA Institute calls the program a self-study and distance learning program with a generalist approach to valuation,  portfolio management, and investmentContinue reading “5 things to know about CFA”

Difference Between GAAP and IFRS Certification

Accounting is considered to be the business language in modern-day operations. With rightful accounting, a company will be able to maintain subtle financial health and improve its potential over time. Moreover, accounting experts within a company will help the business earn profit in new investment opportunities.  There are two standards being followed by the companiesContinue reading “Difference Between GAAP and IFRS Certification”

Is it Right to Pursue IFRS after completing CA?

CA is one of the most renowned qualifications that has a reputation of being too complex for candidates to clear it. There are many people across India who make numerous sacrifices to be part of the CA community. Some of the people might have to give in a lot of their educational years into preparingContinue reading “Is it Right to Pursue IFRS after completing CA?”

BE Vs. B Tech – Understand Before You Choose

While getting a degree in engineering may seem easy, the truth is different between BE and B Tech degrees. The main difference lies in the theories and practicalities of the programs. With B E, you are required to finish four years as a full-time student. B Tech also needs you to complete four years asContinue reading “BE Vs. B Tech – Understand Before You Choose”

5 career opportunities after the ACCA course

The ACCA is one qualification that opens up a world of opportunities for anyone. You can opt to pursue other higher qualifications or degrees, start your own business or get into a job that suits you. There are endless possibilities. If you know what is ACCA and the skills that it will provide you with,Continue reading “5 career opportunities after the ACCA course”

Top Career Options After Computer Engineering

The demand for people with Computer Science Engineering skills is high. With the increase in technology, the number of career options to choose from after computer engineering has increased. People can opt for different courses according to their interests and capabilities. B Tech admission scopes include information technology, computer software, electrical and software engineering, internet and information security, business,Continue reading “Top Career Options After Computer Engineering”

How to handle financial investment successfully?

No investor became successful in just a day. They made themselves into who they are over years of hard work. Learning about investing and creating a good portfolio will take time as well as trial and error. You will learn to enjoy the ride of investment with age. Let us go through the steps thatContinue reading “How to handle financial investment successfully?”

Reasons why ACCA course is so popular

If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are probably looking to get enrolled in the ACCA course. Before we look into the reasons why ACCA is popular, it makes sense to know what is ACCA. Well, ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. It is a global professional accounting body that isContinue reading “Reasons why ACCA course is so popular”