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Is it Right to Pursue IFRS after completing CA?

Is it Right to Pursue IFRS after completing CA?

CA is one of the most renowned qualifications that has a reputation of being too complex for candidates to clear it. There are many people across India who make numerous sacrifices to be part of the CA community. Some of the people might have to give in a lot of their educational years into preparing and clearing CA examinations.

What to do after CA? After clearing CA, you are already prepared to attain jobs in reputed positions across India. But, if you consider the weightage of this qualification outside India or on global level, you might get disappointed.

In case, you are looking for job roles and career opportunities on global scale after completing CA, you might have to increase your qualification by pursuing ACCA certifications. One of such certifications by ACCA is IFRS that can help you achieve global heights.

In this article, you will know some of the attributes associated with the discussion whether it is right to pursue IFRS course after being a CA.

Points that Prove the Efficacy of Pursuing IFRS After Being CA

Indeed, it is a very wise decision to take up IFRS after completing CA qualification in India. You will not just get better scale of opportunities to grow but you would also gain more knowledge upon how international financing standards are used in accounting and finance oriented sectors.

Some of the points to assist the legitability of this statement and explain you the IFRS course details are:

  • Diploma in IFRS by ACCA comes with global recognition standards.
  • You will get a better pay scale in existing company. You can also prefer to move out of India and get a high paying job in abroad countries.
  • IFRS has been accepted by over 120 countries. It means that you have the opportunity to seek jobs in all of these countries with the IFRS qualification along with CA qualification.
  •  The best part is that it has only one examination with five topics covered within the syllabus. Hence, the IFRS course duration would be less! Moreover, your CA level of education will help you complete these topics or sections at ease.
  • You can get a job in banking sector, insurance sector, financial advisory firms and others. Moreover, you can also start your own financial consultancy firm or become an IFRS trainer within the industry.
  • The professionals who have already acquired CA qualification can stand out in the crowd with a leading edge qualification of IFRS.

These are few of the arguable points that explains the perks of getting IFRS after CA. You can take up the online course from reputed institutes to prepare for the Diploma in IFRS exam. Once you clear it, you will be ready to apply for relevant job positions in MNCs of abroad countries.


So, as you have understood the scope of IFRS after CA, you might be wondering to hop on to this beneficial opportunity. If you have a passion for finance or accounting career, you need to give in your utmost dedication and effort to it. Clearing CA is not an easy task at all! Take up online courses to learn, educate and clear the qualifying examinations at ease.

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