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Reasons for growing popularity of ACCA course

Certified courses like ACCA can boost your professional career. ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This leading global body on accounting is famous for its position in the financial realm. If you are looking for a prestigious course, ACCA is among the best that you can pursue. However, the course is growingContinue reading “Reasons for growing popularity of ACCA course”

4 Advantages of Being A CFA

Clearing the CFA level 1 or even the subsequent levels can prove to be good challenges, but the benefits you would reap will make this venture quite worthwhile. All the doubts that you might have had before applying for the CFA would perish. You would surely have sleepless nights and lose the fun on your weekends toContinue reading “4 Advantages of Being A CFA”

How can we exploit the power of Python and machine learning to enhance data science capabilities?

Data Science is the future of the world of technology. In the past few years of its existence, Data Science has disrupted numerous industries and opened up opportunity channels for all sectors. “Data is the new oil”, and this oil has given predictive and analyzing powers to corporations to decide for the future. New disruptionsContinue reading “How can we exploit the power of Python and machine learning to enhance data science capabilities?”

Advantages of integrated MBA in India

MBA is becoming an extremely popular choice of degree as it is offering students their desired jobs. The multinational companies now incline to hiring people who have MBA degrees over people who are graduates with BBA. An MBA degree prepares a student better for the market and makes him more suitable to work professionally. However,Continue reading “Advantages of integrated MBA in India”

5 Diploma Courses After Class 12th for Better Job Prospects

Choosing a career is probably one of the biggest decisions for most of us. And, a large number of students choose a particular path each year after completing their schooling. Many career options have opened up for the new generation, thanks to the rapid progress in technologies. Appreciation and job prospects for unconventional job rolesContinue reading “5 Diploma Courses After Class 12th for Better Job Prospects”

4 Best Options after Completing B Tech

Once you are an engineering graduate, there are a lot of career choices that you can follow. As students start to approach their 3rd and 4th years of engineering, they start to get confused. A lot of opportunities await them once they finish college. The important thing is to gather knowledge regarding the jobs andContinue reading “4 Best Options after Completing B Tech”