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5 career opportunities after the ACCA course

5 career opportunities after the ACCA course

The ACCA is one qualification that opens up a world of opportunities for anyone. You can opt to pursue other higher qualifications or degrees, start your own business or get into a job that suits you. There are endless possibilities. If you know what is ACCA and the skills that it will provide you with, you will also know more about the shoes that you would fit. Let us take a look into the career opportunities that you can do after the ACCA course.

Management accountant – If you have a look into the ACCA course details, you will know that one of the best things that you would be prepared for is the role of a management accountant. The person is responsible for managing business costs and operations. The person creates financial reports that help to set the goals of the organization. The management accountants help to recognize, measure, compute and convey the financial information of the organization. They analyze data and information used for making important business decisions.

Financial accountant – If you become an ACCA professional, a lot of roles that you will be interviewing for would be those of accountants. The job of a financial accountant is to record, summarize and interpret the transactions that occur in business operations over a period of time. The financial accountants analyze financial information through balance sheets and cash flow statements. These people are also responsible for creating the financial statements to be seen by external parties like creditors, tax and regulation authorities, investors, and shareholders. You can pick up these skills through ACCA classes in Mumbai.

Corporate treasurer – The ACCA course also prepares you for the role of a corporate treasurer. This person ensures that the organization can meet its obligations. The roles include shaping strategies and financial policies, arranging funds for expansion, advise on investment opportunities and manage financial risk. Corporate treasurers also assess the financial markets and take care of acquisitions and mergers.

Financial controller – A financial controller is generally a senior executive in an organization. This person is mostly in charge of the accounting department in the organization. He ensures that the books and financial records of the organization have been maintained according to legal and business requirements. The controllers can even take up duties involving budgeting, assessing financial data, and audit compliance. By studying in ACCA courses in Mumbai, you can pick up the skills required at these positions.

Assistance accountant – This is a junior accounting role and this would probably be among the first roles that you would be assigned when you join the organization. The job responsibilities would vary a lot. However, there are some common duties like handling the financial accounts of the organization and bookkeeping.

Once you complete your ACCA course, these are some of the opportunities that you are looking at. It will open up an array of possibilities in different finance positions.

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