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Certifications every CA should consider doing

Certifications every CA should consider doing

There was a time when obtaining a CA designation was enough to get a good job. Today, however, the importance and demand for experts in specialized areas such as equity research, business management, risk management, etc. have increased with globalization.

Thus even after becoming a CA, there are certification programs that can benefit a CA. The world of finance is widely expanding and opening new roles and job opportunities at its expense. Gaining advanced knowledge and keeping yourself updated with the latest technical skills will not only help you boost your career but also open enticing work opportunities ahead.

If you are thinking about “what to do after CA,” here are the certification programs you can consider.

  1. CFA

Chartered Financial Analysts work in the area of investment banking, portfolio management, etc. So if you want a breakthrough in these subjects, you should consider doing CFA after CA.

CFA is among the most reputed certifications in the finance field. And CA plus CFA will undoubtedly give your career an extra boost. However, you should analyze and understand your field of interest promptly before taking the plunge.

  1. FRM

Issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, FRM is a globally recognized designation in finance. During your practice as a CA, you may sometimes have calculated risk related to an investment portfolio.

If that small encounter with risk management fascinated you enough, you could consider becoming a Financial Risk Manager by completing the FRM course. It is primarily focused on risk management in the financial world.

  1. ACCA

Obtaining ACCA after completing CA has many benefits; one of them is that you don’t have to all the ACCA exams if you have completed ACCA intermediate or final. As the syllabus of both CA and ACCA have many subjects in common, you only have to give additional papers.

Another benefit of doing CA + ACCA is that you get a preference when applying to the top 4 firms in India. This will certainly create better career opportunities for you.

  1. Diploma in IFRS

If it is financial reporting and statements that you are interested in, you should consider pursuing a diploma in IFRS.

IFRS professionals have high demand in Indian as well as in the international market as companies often prefer hiring these professionals to make a smooth transition from their old accounts to the new ones.

IFRS course duration is 3-6 months, and there are some basic eligibility criteria you have to fulfill to get through. Check IFRS course details before you apply.

There are many certifications available and recommended after completing CA. However, you should choose the one that suits your field of interest and help you fulfill your career goals.

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