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4 Off-Beat Things To Do In Dubai

4 Off-Beat Things To Do In Dubai

One can indulge in various adventure activities and revive the thrill of deep experiences. Talking of the places quenching the thirst at the multi-dimensional level by offering fun and unique amusement activities, Dubai always manages to secure top ranks.


Dubai is a renowned city in UAE crowded with magnificent architecture and skyscrapers landing with the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It is the most populated city in the UAE and abodes for the nobilities of the region. It is abundant in luxury shopping complexes and modern equipment and is unanimously recognized as the most preferred vacation destination around the world.

Other than the lavish holdings of the city, it also has an unbeatable business and corporate scope and certainly is the most demanded tourist spot in the world. However, there are various astonishing options other than enjoying the riches of Dubai, which can bring life-changing experiences altogether.

Topmost Off-Beat Activities To Do In Dubai

There are certain fun activities exclusively offered in Dubai on the same page, and one must try them out. So, leap on to Mumbai to Dubai flight and ring the bells of ecstasy by doing the following activities:

  1. Desert Quad Biking: The deserts and their sand dunes are one of the most appealing things on the list but converting beauty into an adventure is the art especially when one rides the four-wheelers quad bike in the slipping sand. This is the rarest of rare activities offered in the world, and one must try it at least once in life for rejuvenating effect.
  2. Shark Safari: Underwater life has always fantasized humans as it has surprising yet miraculous things to offer which are not only good for physical health but is also refreshing for mental health. So, shark safari is one of those breathtaking activities offered at the waterparks in Dubai, where even learning scuba diving is not mandatory. Put on essential safety equipment and dive deep into the expedition of exploration and amusement.
  3. Camel Polo: Horse polo can often be spotted around the world, but camel polo is an uncommon experience that used to be exclusively the sport of kings of the Arab region. However, one can now play this thrilling game in Dubai and create splendid memories of this romp.
  4. 6D Cinema: Well, the world has paced from the 3D cinema to further dimensions, but Dubai has a special dinosaur-themed 6D cinema giving real essence via fog, wind, rain, and vivid portrayal of the scenario, which is a unique exhibition than the other options present around the world.

So, one must not miss out on these amazing fun activities and surely do visit Dubai to flaunt the only events. So, pack up your bags, roll your sleeves and check out the Dubai to Mumbai flights and make the scrolling screens the happening reality.

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