Budget Shopping at Bengaluru’s Chickpet Market

Chickpet is the shopping heaven one must visit when going to Bengaluru. The name might mislead a few, but to burst the bubble this name is not related to any ducks or chicks of any kind. Dating back to the fifteenth odd century, the city meant small “chick” in kannada. However, this core commercial cityContinue reading “Budget Shopping at Bengaluru’s Chickpet Market”

5 Places in Hyderabad Serving the Best Biryani

Are you in Hyderabad and not trying the Hyderabadi Biryani then you’re missing heaven on earth. Don’t worry, now we have got you sorted. This article will introduce the top five best places in Hyderabad that serve the best Biryani. So make sure you read it till the end. Throughout the mid-18th century, cooks inContinue reading “5 Places in Hyderabad Serving the Best Biryani”

5 Major Attractions You Cannot Miss in Sharjah

Want to take a break from work and immerse yourself in some natural and cultural bliss? Consider taking a trip to the cultural capital of the UAE on a flight to Sharjah. These top 5 attractions will be waiting for you. Sharjah Art Museum Lying in Corniche Street, Sharjah, it’s one of the largest artContinue reading “5 Major Attractions You Cannot Miss in Sharjah”

5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip

If you are a regular on Delhi to Dhaka flights, you would be most aware of the baggage rules and restrictions to adhere to on these international flights. If there’s shopping on your mind this time around, you may wish to pack light and add an extra bag. It is also a good idea toContinue reading “5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip”

Domestic flight rules you must follow in India

If you are going to travel by air soon, there are a few things that covid outbreak has changed. However, you can keep yourself safe by following a few things. To avoid any delays, make sure to use web check-in services. Online flight check-in will help you avoid the long queues in airports for domesticContinue reading “Domestic flight rules you must follow in India”

5 Street Shopping Destinations That London Locals Love

London, alongside Paris, reigns as a bona fide fashion capital of the world. Any shopaholic worth their salt knows the UK capital is where the best of all worlds flagship outlets, indie brands, boutique stores, and chic cafés can be casually found on the same street. Iconic stores like Selfridges, Harrods, and Fortnum & MasonsContinue reading “5 Street Shopping Destinations That London Locals Love”

5 Things You Must Try in Doha’s The Pearl Qatar

Imagine visiting an enthralling man-made island spread across 14 square kilometres! That’s The Pearl Qatar at Doha. Housing nearly 46,000 people, it’s the most luxurious region in Qatar you must visit. Resting near Doha’s west bay lagoon, the Pearl waits to delight you with its architectural excellence and a host of refreshments. So, book aContinue reading “5 Things You Must Try in Doha’s The Pearl Qatar”

5 Renowned Kebab Places for Meat Lovers in Delhi

Kebabs have historically held a very special spot in the hearts of all meat lovers. This juicy, spicy dish from the Mughlai cuisine is a favourite in many cities across the country. The melt-in-the-mouth delicacy also happens to be a favourite among Delhiites. The capital city has historically been one of the major centres forContinue reading “5 Renowned Kebab Places for Meat Lovers in Delhi”

5 Souvenirs to Pick from the Streets of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is lovingly called The Pearl City or the City of Nizams. There are ample reasons why you must visit at least once in a lifetime.  The culture and tradition are a beautiful blend of 400 years of history and modernity. Tourists flock to relish delectable Mughal cuisine, shop authentic pearl jewellery and take aContinue reading “5 Souvenirs to Pick from the Streets of Hyderabad”

Lalbagh Fort: The Famous Mughal Fort Complex of Dhaka

Bangladesh, a stunning country suffused with nature’s bounty, is steadily making its way onto the tourist map. Visitors are drawn to the area’s natural scenic beauty, which includes tea plantations, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and, of course, the vast swamp, the world’s largest in scale. In 2018, the emerging financial powerhouse in South Asia received.27Continue reading “Lalbagh Fort: The Famous Mughal Fort Complex of Dhaka”

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