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Budget Shopping at Bengaluru’s Chickpet Market

Budget Shopping at Bengaluru's Chickpet Market

Chickpet is the shopping heaven one must visit when going to Bengaluru. The name might mislead a few, but to burst the bubble this name is not related to any ducks or chicks of any kind. Dating back to the fifteenth odd century, the city meant small “chick” in kannada. However, this core commercial city is not small at all. While making your way around the labyrinth of shops you will find gorgeous sarees, antiques, and a lot more. This market also has a range of wedding card shops to print your cards from, so check out flight tickets from Mumbai to Bengaluru and search through the various prints to find your perfect wedding card.

Since this is a wholesale market, you can check out various things at the best prices like:

1.     Sarees

This is one of the speciality items you would find in the main Chickpet area. Silks are a mainstay, and you will probably find many bridal troops looking for their perfect clothes in and out of these establishments. You can also find some gorgeous Kanjivarams along with other silks here. However, this is not the limit. You can also find some amazing Bollywood bling, cotton, crepes and more to choose from. 

2.     Antiques

You will find the most famous store of Antiques in Bengaluru within walking distance from here. You will find a vast collection of typewriters, figurines, wall panels and various knick-knacks from the past era. You can also check out a shop nearby legendary for its gramophones and vinyl records. No other market will probably give you a better price on antiques and home décor other than chickpet. This place also offers some tasteful gift options and as a whole, this place will not disappoint you. You can check out a Mumbai to Bengaluru flight to pick up some small antiques to decorate your new home.

3.     Books, Stationery and Wedding Cards

Be it someone who scurries through textbooks last minute or a complete bookworm. Avenue Road is your haven. You will find stacks and stacks of books in each shop. Be it for pleasure reading, course material, school, or college books. Everything can be found here. You will also find some of the latest stationery here where you can pick up notebooks and pens. In case you are looking for an invite that will completely wow your guests for your wedding, Sultanpet is the perfect shopping destination. Here, you’ll find rows of shops displaying unique invites for all party types. From fancy wedding cards to cute Barbie invites for birthday parties, you’ll find them all here. Make sure to check out the weight allowances on the flights from Bengaluru to Mumbai so you do not end up paying extra for luggage at the check-in counters.


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