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Features of the Best Savings Plan in India

Savings plans are one of the major financial avenues to generate sustainable wealth for the future of your loved ones. These plans are investment plans that help you grow your savings by investing money systematically in the money market for the long term. You can choose from various types of investment plans to meet yourContinue reading “Features of the Best Savings Plan in India”

Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Insurance Online?

It is best to buy an insurance plan online. That way, you can purchase a plan with just a few clicks anytime right from the comfort of your house. In other words, purchasing insurance online is more convenient, faster and cost-effective. Here are the various reasons why it is a good idea to buy insuranceContinue reading “Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Insurance Online?”

When Do Liquid Funds Generate Low Returns and What to Do?

Liquid funds, which are essential debt funds that invest in short‐term assets, have become popular as they offer benefits like quick maturity, low cost and no lock-in period. This category of funds is most suited for those who have idle cash and are looking for a way to earn slightly higher returns on this cash,Continue reading When Do Liquid Funds Generate Low Returns and What to Do?

How to Maximize ULIP Return?

A unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) is an insurance-cum-investment tool that can help earn returns. The returns can be used to finance various long-term goals like higher studies, marriage, travels, home renovation, wedding costs, retirement and more. After choosing the best ULIP plan, you must follow some other steps to boost your returns. Here are aContinue reading “How to Maximize ULIP Return?”

What are the Different Types of Debt Funds You Can Invest In?

Debt funds are a popular investment option for both new and seasoned investors with a low-risk profile. Aside from the low risk, debt mutual funds are appealing due to their flexibility and consistency in earning fixed income. These funds are further categorized depending on their various assets’ investments and maturity period. For more on debtContinue reading “What are the Different Types of Debt Funds You Can Invest In?”

Starting Your Retirement Planning At Every Age

The rule for retirement planning is that you need to be an early bird to save more. As you age, your financial priorities can change. Therefore, you must factor in the cost of living now vs in the future, inflation, and healthcare expenses. Read on to know how you can plan your retirement at differentContinue reading “Starting Your Retirement Planning At Every Age”

Guide For First-Time Investors In Debt Funds

Governments prefer bonds that are referred to as bonds, debt, and fixed income instruments, but they all sound similar. With the exception of equity, a form of shares in a corporation, debt establishes a lender-borrower relationship between two parties. The borrower raises funds by selling bonds, while the investor seeks a guaranteed fixed income byContinue reading “Guide For First-Time Investors In Debt Funds”

Understanding the Key Benefits of Flexi Cap Mutual Funds

SEBI introduced Flexicap Fund on November 6, 2020. These are open-ended dynamic equity schemes that invest across small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap funds. But at least 65% of the fund must consist of equity and equity-related instruments. It can ensure risk-adjusted returns and provide a dual advantage of growth and value along with diversification. So, investorsContinue reading “Understanding the Key Benefits of Flexi Cap Mutual Funds”

How Immediate Annuities Can Help Your Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning involves investing in such a way that you are assured of a steady stream of income in your golden years. And the best way to ensure that is to buy annuity plans which involve a contract between you and an insurance company. You need to either invest a lump sum amount or payContinue reading “How Immediate Annuities Can Help Your Retirement Planning?”

What is Net Worth and Why Should You Know It?

In simple terms, net worth is the amount by which assets exceed liabilities. It is value in cash that you would sell off all that you own and clear your EMIs. It is a metric to evaluate an individual’s or company’s financial standing. Assets can include retirement accounts, cash present in a bank account, mutualContinue reading “What is Net Worth and Why Should You Know It?”