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What are the Different Types of Debt Funds You Can Invest In?

Debt funds are a popular investment option for both new and seasoned investors with a low-risk profile. Aside from the low risk, debt mutual funds are appealing due to their flexibility and consistency in earning fixed income. These funds are further categorized depending on their various assets’ investments and maturity period. For more on debtContinue reading “What are the Different Types of Debt Funds You Can Invest In?”

Guide For First-Time Investors In Debt Funds

Governments prefer bonds that are referred to as bonds, debt, and fixed income instruments, but they all sound similar. With the exception of equity, a form of shares in a corporation, debt establishes a lender-borrower relationship between two parties. The borrower raises funds by selling bonds, while the investor seeks a guaranteed fixed income byContinue reading “Guide For First-Time Investors In Debt Funds”

How to Choose the Right Type of Mutual Fund

A collective asset by pooling the capital of a number of investors with more or less common financial objectives, managed and invested by a fund manager in bonds, equities, securities is what we term as mutual funds. Mutual funds have high returns if you make informed investment decisions. The benefits of mutual funds include mitigationContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Type of Mutual Fund”