Tips to Makes Air Travel Safer

First time travelers often wonder if flying is safe. It can be overwhelming to be lifted into the clouds and see tall buildings become the size of ants. Well, flights are the safest way to travel. You are more likely to hear of car crashes while plane crashes are so rare. This is because mostContinue reading “Tips to Makes Air Travel Safer”

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected International Travel

The Coronavirus pandemic could result in 50 million job losses worldwide in the tourism industry alone, according to information shared by The World Travel and Tourism Council. In fact, the sector could take as long as 10 months to recover from the blow. Airlines are currently the most affected, since no passenger flights are beingContinue reading “How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected International Travel”

Adventure Activities You Must Experience in Dubai

Dubai might not have the greenest of environments, but it surely boasts of unique geographical landscapes and amazing architecture. This makes the city home to some of the most exhilarating activities in the world. If you are a UAE native or visiting via a Mumbai to Dubai flight, tons of extreme adventures await you rightContinue reading “Adventure Activities You Must Experience in Dubai”

Got a Day in Colombo? Here’s How to Make it Worthwhile

Much like Mumbai, Colombo is a vibrant city. Nestled along the South Coast of Sri Lanka, the city is home to a plethora of wonderful hotels, well developed roads and skyscrapers. If you are planning on taking Mumbai to Colombo flights, you will also notice a great mix of ethnicities here. The charm of theContinue reading “Got a Day in Colombo? Here’s How to Make it Worthwhile”

Best 5 National Parks of Madhya Pradesh

As of May 2019, India is home to 104 national parks, taking up 1.23% of the geographical area of the nation, according to data by ENVIS Centre on Wildlife & Protected Area. Madhya Pradesh alone boasts 10 active national parks that work towards improving the biodiversity and wildlife, while protecting wild animals against poaching andContinue reading “Best 5 National Parks of Madhya Pradesh”

3 experiences you shouldn’t miss during your Ahmedabad visit

If you have been planning to visit the city of Sabarmati River, Gandhi Ashram, the greatest avenue of cloth merchandise, diamond cutting and the land of Garba, then here’s what you should know – we have noted the top 3 experiences in Ahmedabad which you should enjoy before catching your Ahmedabad to Delhi flight –Continue reading “3 experiences you shouldn’t miss during your Ahmedabad visit”

Tips To Remember During a River Rafting

Water sports have been widespread in recent times. Water sports such as kayaking, river rafting has been very famous among the youth these days. These water sports help people in a lot of ways. It increases their confidence, removes their fear of water, and gives them a fantastic experience of a lifetime. Why do peopleContinue reading “Tips To Remember During a River Rafting”

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