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5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip

5 Things You Can Buy From Dhaka in your Next Trip

If you are a regular on Delhi to Dhaka flights, you would be most aware of the baggage rules and restrictions to adhere to on these international flights. If there’s shopping on your mind this time around, you may wish to pack light and add an extra bag. It is also a good idea to check for flights to Dhaka that allow pre-purchase of extra baggage at competitive rates. Once that’s sorted, here are some things worthy of carrying back

Things to pick up when in Dhaka

The Quintessential Dhakai Jamdani Sari: Before you travel back from Dhaka, making space for these gorgeous weaves in your Dhaka to Delhi flight check-in baggage is an absolute necessity! A traditional weave, Jamdani is made of the finest quality of muslin cloth which is thin, soft, and airy in texture. The saris are extremely lightweight and showcase ornamental motifs woven into them. These motifs are woven in a thicker thread than the fabric itself and they seem to create a floating appearance on the surface. To identify the authenticity of your handloom Dhakai Jamdani sari, you need to check the wrong side of the weave where the thread should appear in continuation. In machine woven fakes, the thread will appear broken or snapped.

The Traditional Bangladeshi Lungi: Lungi is almost the national attire of men in Bangladesh. Owing to the scorching heat during the summer months here, Bangladeshi men have found lungis to be immensely comfortable. The superior quality of cotton here makes them easy to wear! Trendier designs and styles are also available quite easily owing to their raging popularity. A bright and colorful lungi is something you must carry back home. You may also wish to pick up tips on knotting the lungis from the locals here. Pair it with a pastel shade kurta or a bush shirt for a thumping style statement.

Classy Hogla Handicraft Items: Hogla is a bush-like plant that grows in the area adjoining the water bodies of the Sundarbans. The Hogla grass is used to create delightful hand-woven baskets. This expert weaving is done by rural weavers who travel to Dhaka to find employment. They typically arrive after seeding and leave before harvest time. A small hogla basket or perhaps a woven tray is likely to remind you of your trip to Dhaka for many years to come.

Authentic Bangladeshi Terracotta Handicraft Mementos: Pick up one of the terracotta mementos from one of the local handicraft stores. They have some beautiful intricate designs on offer. You can settle for a pen holder or even a small flower vase. Make sure you put it in your cabin baggage.

Traditional Jute Artifacts: Dhaka is also known for its jute artifacts. You can visit state-run or private handicraft stores of repute and look through their range of mats, handbags, tablemats, and lots more. 

Before your Dhaka to Delhi flight, try digging in and perhaps even packing in some of the delightful sweets available here. The Bogurar Mishti Doi, which is a sweetened curd, is to die for!

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