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Domestic flight rules you must follow in India

Domestic flight rules you must follow in India

If you are going to travel by air soon, there are a few things that covid outbreak has changed. However, you can keep yourself safe by following a few things.

To avoid any delays, make sure to use web check-in services. Online flight check-in will help you avoid the long queues in airports for domestic flights. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the government has issued new guidelines for the passengers; here are a few of them:

  1. Reaching the airport – There are a few factors that you should keep in mind when traveling to the airport like:
  2. Download baggage tags and ID numbers and print them so that you can attach them to your luggage.
  3. You are allowed to carry one handbag and one check-in bag.
  4. You need to wear all protective gear like gloves and masks before getting to the airport terminal. You should not take off your mask anytime during the journey.
  5. You should reach the airport two hours before departure as additional guidelines due to covid may take longer check-in and boarding.
  6. Individuals with covid positive reports are prohibited from traveling on a domestic flight. Boarding a flight in such a case may lead to penal action.
  7. Passengers need to self-declare that they are fit to travel along with Arogya Setu app health data.
  8. Reaching terminal building – You should have all the necessary documents and should wear protective gear all the time. You need to go to the thermal screening area near the entry gate and get your temperature checked. You will also need to showcase your health status through the Arogya Setu app. To enter the terminal premises, you will need to show your ID and boarding pass. Once you check in your baggage, you will get SMS confirmation about the same.
  9. Airport security – Before boarding the flight, you will have to undergo a security screening.
  10. Hold area – You need to maintain social distancing with other passengers waiting for the flights. You should avoid seating on the chairs where ‘Not for Use’ is written. In F&B outlets, too, you need to follow proper social distancing and sanitization. You should dispose of your napkins, gloves, tissues, masks, etc., in the dustbins with yellow color.
  11. Boarding the flight – Collect your facemasks, sanitizers, and face shields from the boarding gate. Wear your mask and shield, and sanitize your hands thoroughly before getting on the flight. You will need to self-scan your boarding pass to avoid physical contact with the staff members.
  12. After take-off – Avoid face-to-face contact and limit the use of the washroom. Airlines will not serve food during domestic flights. Passengers will not be allowed to consume any food item on flights.

The pandemic outbreak has affected our lives, but we will have to face it with caution. Following the guidelines given above will keep you safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

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