Tuxedo Buying V/S Renting

Tuxedo Buying V/S Renting

Tuxedos have always been praised as a style icon that brings the highest degree of modesty in the field of fashion. Tuxedos have been around since the 1800s and have stayed ever since.

Although we’d say that they characterize the expression fancy, we also don’t want to tout fanciness as the alternative to class; they’re positively related.

But when it is the case of finding the right tuxedo for yourself, what do you prefer? Buying it or renting it out for the one occasion that is very special to you. Read along to know the pros and cons of both.

Buying a Tuxedo

If you settle on buying a tuxedo, then you get to keep it for the rest of your life. Buying has several pros and cons. Read along to find out.

Pros to Buying a Tuxedo

  • You can get it customized to fit effortlessly

A rented tuxedo can look not so perfect on your body. A custom-tailored tuxedo which has been tailored to fit has your correct measurements fits perfectly. You can find a perfect custom tuxedo online.

  • If you go to black tie events more than once or twice a year, it will be worth it

If you have more than one event coming up in a year, renting a tuxedo can cost way more than buying it. Therefore, in this case, buying a tuxedo is the best option possible.

  • It will not be used

If you are one of those people who are not comfortable sharing clothes, then buying a new tuxedo is the best option for you. Rented tuxedos are, in fact, worn by many people before and after you. 

  • You get to pick accessories to go with it, and these add charm to the tuxedo

If you’re person who is fashion conscious, getting your own custom tuxedo means styling it on your own with choice of different lapel types and fits and also you get to choose the fancy linings & accessories. These accessories can be used by you again and again with different outfits. It will be a tailored tuxedo and exactly how you want to style it.

Cons to Buying a Tuxedo

  • They can be a little costly compared to renting.

Tuxedos are, without a doubt a little more expensive than renting. If you plan to buy a tuxedo, then it will cost you approximately 50% more than the cost of renting a tuxedo.

This extra 50% can be much of an expense for a lot of people who intend to wear a tux only once.

  • This can be the first and last time you wear a tux

There are a lot of people who wear tuxedo may be once or twice in a lifetime.

You could have spent a fortune on a tailored tuxedo, but you might not need it more than once in your life. It could be the case of a special occasion in your life.

  • If your body measurements change, they will not fit you perfectly

Gaining or losing weight is a common phenomenon that can happen to anyone. It can cause an issue in fitting the tuxedo. Your custom-fit tuxedo can possibly no longer fit you well.
But with My Suit Tailor. We have enough margins inside the Jacket and trousers so even if you gain extra pounds, you can always get it altered to fit you.

Renting a Tuxedo

If you settle on renting a tuxedo, then you get to have a new one on every special occasion in your life. Renting a tuxedo has several pros and cons of its own. Read along to find out.


  • Renting can be inexpensive

If you do not have plans of wearing the tux more than once, then renting it will be a much cheaper option as compared to buying a custom-fit tuxedo.

  • You can have the funds for a higher-end tux

Renting a high-end tux is cheaper than buying a high-end one. Thus, renting is a better option if you are someone obsessed with quality and service.

  • There are such a lot of options available for you to choose from, according to your budget

Renting gives you a limited of options to choose from, therefore limiting your selection choice. Buying will let you choose so many options at once, but that is not the case in renting.

  • Accessories have come along with the tuxedo

You will not have to be buying your tuxedo shirt design or any other accessories. All this will come with your rented outfit.


  • Someone must have worn it before you

This is probably the biggest concern about rented tuxedos. Most rented suits & tuxedo

are worn couple of times. People who have any kind of skin condition and are very particular about the fit they must avoid renting a tuxedo. If you want a new tuxedo, then you must go for a buying a tailored tuxedo. 

  • You can’t adjust it the similar way you can with the ones you bought

If you are someone with a standard built and height and finds his clothes easily off the rack, then it should not be an issue. But if you are someone who is under or overweight, then buying a Custom-tailored tuxedo is the best choice for you. You cannot alter the rented tuxedos according to your measurements. 

  • Returns

Even if it is for wearing on a single occasion, you need to be extremely careful while wearing a rented tuxedo as it must not be damaged from anywhere while returning it.

Also, the time limit for returning the tuxedo is anywhere between 3-7 days depending on the rental company. After your wedding you have tons of other things to look after, so its natural you forget to return your tuxedo on time resulting in late fees.

While with your own tuxedo, you don’t have to worry about it.

What about “Rental Quality?”

Most rental companies buy their suits and tuxedo in bulk quantities and are made from cheap quality material like polyester viscose etc. If you have any specific skin condition, then you must take that into consideration because it can be harmful wearing it for long hours outside. Apart from that, there must not be an issue with the quality of the material used. Either way, you can look good in any tux, be it made out of good quality material.

In conclusion!

A tuxedo makes up for a fashion statement when you wear it out in the crowd. Renting and buying both come with their advantages and disadvantages, as discussed above. It is up to you which option you think works fine for you. But if you ask us, we recommend you to buy a tailor-made tuxedo only if you use it more than once. Spending a few more bucks will allow you to own the tux for life.

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