5 Souvenirs to Pick from the Streets of Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is lovingly called The Pearl City or the City of Nizams. There are ample reasons why you must visit at least once in a lifetime.  The culture and tradition are a beautiful blend of 400 years of history and modernity. Tourists flock to relish delectable Mughal cuisine, shop authentic pearl jewellery and take a tour of the famous Salar Jung Museum. The other main attractions are a large number of temples, gardens and baazars.

All of these touristy experiences can be preserved with local souvenirs. There are plenty of items that are unique to Hyderabad. These are affordable and are easily available across the city. So, after booking domestic flights, have a look at a list of things to buy.

1.      Hyderabadi Pearls

Hyderabad is home to the best quality pearls with attractive shape and original lustre. This is because it has a booming peal industry with its hub at Chandanpet. The black and pink ones are considered better than white pearls. The most authentic stores are Mangatrai Jewellers and Kedarnathji Motiwale. There are many established shops near Char Minar too. You can also get a glimpse of how the pearl pieces are polished and strung together.

2.      Lac Bangles

These are known for their wonderful shine, glitz and glitter. While online flight check-in, do figure out how to reach Choori Bazaar. Here you can pick colourful stone-studded bangles. The base is made from lacquer coils which is quite a time-consuming process. However, the good news is that these jewellery pieces have not lost their charm. Tourists and locals often purchase these to add the much needed old-world glam to their outfits.

3.      Pochampally Sarees

There are two major fabrics available: cotton and silk. You can also explore the wide varieties of colours and intricate geometric prints available in every shop.  After web check- in, you can simply check out details of Pochampally village. The cloth is woven here and the sarees are designed here by skilled craftsmen before sending them to the main city. You can also pick other linens of the same material.

4.      Bidri Works

This is a popular handicraft made by artisans of Bidar. It is a beautiful fusion of Arabic and Persian Style. You can pick chess-board, bowls, flower vase, keychains, boxes, home décor items, curtain ends, bowls, drawer knobs, trays and plates. These are easily available in major souvenir shops in the city. You can also customize the products according to your choice. Don’t forget to find out the famous stores while online flight check-in.

5.      Attar or Ittar

Hyderabadi perfumes are produced from natural ingredients like spices, barks, herbs and flowers. You can pick from sandalwood, jasmine and rose base. Natural oils are also one of the main ingredients. The best ones last for hours without staining your clothes. These are locally made in the bazaars and are quite affordable. You can pick a tiny glass bottle to carry back easily.

Kalamkari work, khada dupatta, paper sweet, gongura pickle and a whole of South Indian spices are popular souvenirs. Do book an airline with has at least a 15 kgs check-in baggage allowance. This way you do not have to hesitate before buying in bulk.

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