5 Ways to Get a Glowing Summer Skin

5 Ways to Get a Glowing Summer Skin

Dream to glow in a pretty summer dresses like Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? One secret to this success of Jennifer Aniston is her obsession with hair-free skin in daily life. Pick up your tips! Just dreaming won’t do. If not sleeping enough or taking breaks to drink plenty of water amid the work-from-home pressure, your skin will wither.

Here are many other useful tips to get perfect glowing summer skin.

Tips to Make Your Summer Skin Glow

#1 – Remove Body Hair

Start with body hair removal at home. A pandemic is going on. So, it’s not safe to visit a salon full of attendants and customers.

A hair remover won’t just depilate your skin but also reveal its inner glow hidden by unwanted hair. Was a razor for women giving you an itchy stubble, and nicks and cuts? The wounds may have burnt when your salty sweat trickled down them on a hot day. Then switch to friendly hair remover, easy on the skin. For instance, depilatory cream can keep your skin hairless twice as long as shaving results.

Ready-to-use cold wax strips don’t burn the skin, unlike hot wax. They uproot hair to give long-lasting silky-smooth glowing skin for up to 4 weeks! Besides, a sensitive-touch electric trimmer can smoothly glide to shave, shape or trim body hair. Its blades won’t touch or cut the skin. Some brands even ensure these hair removers serve full body like underarms, bikini line, legs and more. So, get going with the suitable option!

#2 – Exfoliate Your Skin Lightly

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells so they can’t mask your glowing skin. But you may not need a torturous scrubber if you use hair removal wax strips. They eliminate both unwanted hair and dead skin flakes. A two-in-one boon!

#3 – Moisturise Your Skin

Who said moisturisers are important only in winter? In summer, you need a non-greasy one. Some moisturisation is also sorted by good hair removal creams and wax strips, whichever you use.

They’re often formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera or Almond oil to soothe sensitive skin, and with Shea Butter to nourish dry skin. These hair removers can even contain fragrance technology to remove malodour from sweat. So, no foul smell to distract you from admiring your glowing summer skin!

#4 – Use the Right Sunscreen

Imagine you depilate and set off in an off shoulder without sun protection to tan or burn your exposed skin. Please don’t on any day. Excessive UV exposure can permanently replace glowing skin with wrinkles, sunburn, fine lines, premature ageing and, sometimes skin cancer. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30, twice every day on exposed areas.

#5 – Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies

A healthy summer diet can nourish your skin from within. So, eat fruits and vegetables in abundance. They’re packed with important nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. These can improve collagen production, cut down inflammation, and even shield the skin from sun damage.

Care for your skin will reflect in its glow outsmarting the scorching sun. So, start the journey now!

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