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Things First Time Flyers Must Never Do at Airports

Things First Time Flyers Must Never Do at Airports

Flying for the first time is a life-changing event. It is a fair mix of excitement and nervousness. You might have plenty of questions on your mind too. The best airline of India ensures a stress-free and comfortable experience. This way you are confident enough to navigate through the entire airport process. Plus, ground crew is present to guide you through the luggage drop-off, boarding pass collection and security scans.

However, there are certain mistakes which seasoned travellers tactfully avoid. These can make the trip worry-free and help you enjoy the journey thoroughly. So, after checking your flight status, keep yourself away from the following to breeze through the first flight.

· Not Arriving Early

Catching a flight is not equal to catching a metro. You simply cannot hop onto the aircraft. So, check your domestic flight status and arrive at least 2 hours earlier. This gives you plenty of time to get around the airport, finish luggage scans and bag drops, collect your boarding pass, patiently finish the security formalities and grab a meal too. In fact, during peak travel times, leave at 3 hours early to reach on time despite mad traffic.

· Misplacing Crucial Documents

The most important items are ID proof and a copy of the flight ticket. You are not allowed to enter the airport if you fail to present them to the security-in-charge. Therefore, carry both hard and soft copies to be on the safe side. Keeping them in digital and paper make them easily accessible and saves some time too.

· Being Unaware of Baggage Rules

Ensure the luggage protocol is being followed for a smooth and hassle free time boarding. For example, be mindful of weight, nature and dimension, label your bags with name and address and avoid carrying restricted items. While checking domestic flight status on the official website of your airline, do read through the guidelines carefully. It is particularly important to know the extra charges per kg for all classes beforehand.

· Dressing Heavily

Make sure you are not wearing tightly fitted clothes. These could raise the body temperature and make you uncomfortable. Loose pants, long skirts and sweaters are good choices rather than tight jeans, jackets and layers of clothes. Avoid wearing cargo pants full of pockets. You might have to spend a considerable amount of time getting each one checked. Further, avoid wearing excessive bobby pins and buttoned clothes since they can set off the alarms at the security. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes to get around the airport easily.

· Putting on Loud Music

Blasting songs on earphones could equal to missing out on announcements. You might also forget to check the information board for flight schedule while being immersed in your playlist. Therefore, as a first time flyer, avoid streaming songs until the boarding is complete. This way, you are likely to stay alert and reduce the chances of missing your flight.

Do check the flight status and clear your doubts, if required. Rest assured, avoiding the above mentioned things can help you have a memorable first flying experience.

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