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Souq Wakif: What to Eat and Buy at Doha’s Famous Marketplace

Souq Wakif: What to Eat and Buy at Doha's Famous Marketplace

Doha, the beautiful capital city of Qatar, is a shopper’s haven. It is a classic mix of swanky malls, high end designer stores, art galleries and traditional street shopping venues. The markets are packed with unique items like Dallah coffee pots or authentic oudh fragrance, which are rarely found anywhere else in the world. In fact, along with souvenir shopping, tourists also get an insight into the rich Qatari culture and lifestyle.

While Delhi too boasts the famous Sarojini Market, the Souq Wakif in Doha is an exciting experience. After confirming your Delhi to Doha flight, take a look at what to score from this popular shopping destination of Doha. Rest assured, these would be worth every single penny paid.

What to Buy at Souq Wakif

The Souq is a wonderful crisscross of narrow alleys, brimming with excellent traditional goods. Tourists can take their pick from ancient fabric items in Al Sadu weaves, made of goat and camel hair. These include carpets, cushions, comforters and blankets with eccentric color combinations. While booking Delhi to Doha flights, read how the Bedouin tribe incorporated fun weaving techniques for centuries to produce these items.

The Gold Souq here is the talk of the town for a couple of reasons. Firstly, for the huge variety of designs and patterns and for the fair prices that make it popular among tourists. Women can buy necklaces and bangles, while men can get bracelets and earrings for themselves. Sapphires, gemstones and diamonds are also available here.

Besides the above-mentioned prominent items, people also purchase pashimas, Arabic candy and honey, traditional burning scents and incense sticks, classic hookahs, gypsum handicrafts and spices. While checking the Delhi to Doha flight time, look for the operational hours of the stores too.

What to Eat at Souq Wakif

This popular shopping arena is home to luxurious cafés and eateries. The best ones are Parisa, Bandar Aden, Italia Mia and Gymkhana. You must try the Middle Eastern falafel, Yemeni food, Mango Lassi, thin-crust pizzas, soups and pastas, Mezze starters and sizzling stews here. Tourists can also ask for Lebanese and Syrian specialties, Mediterranean cuisine, Moroccan dishes and Persian food.

Apart from indoor seating arrangements, most restaurants also offer outdoor spaces at the rooftops. Spend a pleasant evening with loved ones, while reveling in the spectacular views of the Doha skyline.  If you wish to eat from the roadside carts, you will find them on the main street inside the Souq. Try fava beans, chickpeas, cob, chestnuts and a wide variety of delicious chocolates. These are comparatively less expensive than the restaurants. On a hot summer day, consider refreshing yourself with chilled juices. These are loaded with fruit slices and ice-cream, which provide some much-needed relief from the scorching heat. Lastly, don’t forget to try the Nutella crepe before ending your gastronomic experience.

Souq Wakif is a mystical place and reminds you of the Arabia shown in the movie Aladdin. Here you will find camels roaming, natives in bright traditional costumes and men playing musical instruments. Spending a day at this magical arena is sure to be the highlight of your Qatar trip. Make sure to catch your Doha to Delhi flight on time to reach home hassle-free.

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