Travel Tips to Visit Mumbai During the Monsoons

Bollywood has convinced us that there is hardly anything more romantic than “Mumbai ki Baarish.” Yes, it is admirable at times, but comes with its own set of hindrances as well. Chasing an inverted umbrella or being stuck on water-logged roads is the reality Mumbaikars deal with each monsoon. Every July, rains lash the city, cancelling trains and buses and claiming lives of at least a handful of street dwellers.

Just like Delhiites face extreme temperature during the summer and winter, Mumbai sees its extreme during monsoon. If you are taking a Delhi to Mumbai flight during the rainy season, do follow these dos and don’ts for a stress-free trip.

1. Don’t Walk Through Water

To cover short distances, you might want to wade through the floodwaters. It is a seemingly quick and easy option to reach your destination, rather than waiting inside the cab in a never-ending traffic jam. However, this is not a great idea, since a number of leptospirosis cases come up during this time. You might also get injured, in case there are gutters and debris. But if it is unavoidable, make sure to wear covered rubber shoes and take careful steps.

2. Avoid the Beaches

After deboarding your Delhi to Mumbai flights, the first thing you’d wish is to visit Marine Drive or Juhu Beach. But, this is not advisable during monsoons. The areas are extremely dangerous because if the rain intensifies, there are chances of the high tide sweeping into the roads. The roads along the coasts become water logged and slippery and might result in a bad fall.

3. Protect Your Wallet

Before boarding your flights between Delhi to Mumbai, ensure stashing enough cash. This is because due to heavy rainfall, ATMs might stop working. Next, keep ample waterproof folders to carry the money or the wallet safely while on the roads. This will keep the notes from getting wet and save you from unnecessary trouble.

4. Don’t Rely on Local Trains

To get around the city, don’t wait for the Mumbai locals. They are one of the first services to stop during heavy showers. The railway tracks of the low-lying stations get submerged, making it difficult to even catch the train. There could be loose wires, exposed electric lines and broken power polls, which are extremely dangerous when in contact with water.

5. Carry the Essentials

Carry a torch, water bottles, hand towels, power bank, dry food, plastic pouches and extra set of shoes every time you step out. A small first-aid kit with band-aids and cold and flu/headache medicines is also recommended. These will make sure you are comfortable even if you are stuck in traffic or at a particular place for long hours.

6. Seek Local Help

In case you are lost, fully drenched and sick or short of money, make sure to ask the local police to help you. There are ample helpline numbers too that ensure safety for locals and tourists alike.

Mumbai does come alive during the monsoon season. When it is drizzling outside, do take a walk down Bandra Bandstand or sip cutting chai at a local café. These are little ways you can make the most of your Mumbai trip before you need to catch your flights from Mumbai to Delhi.

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