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How to Repair Clubbed Foot in Children?

How to Repair Clubbed Foot in Children?

Clubbed foot is a common congenital condition, with an average global prevalence is 1 per 1,000 live births, according to an article of National Center for Biotechnology Information. It has been recognized as one of the major defects and might lead to immense physical and economic burden, if not treated properly. This is also known as talipes equinovarus and is not painful during infancy. It can be completely cured with efficient health care. Pediatric surgery, stretching or casting the foot are a few methods that can help your baby lead a normal life.

In case the child has been detected with the condition through prenatal ultrasound, here’s all you need to know about the treatment procedures.

Non-Surgical Methods

The best pediatricians in Hyderabad suggest beginning treatment within the first two weeks of birth. This is done since the bones and tendons are still flexible. No matter how severe the condition is, the first line of treatment is always non-surgical. So, start by searching for “the best pediatrician near me,” so that the child is in good hands.

Ponseti Method

In this method, gentle stretching and casting are performed by the pediatrician. This helps in reshaping the legs before it is too late. The baby’s foot is aligned into the correct position and held together with the help of a long leg cast. This will be repositioned once a week and will go on for a few months till the condition is majorly improved. For infants, it can take up to 8 weeks.

After this is completed, almost 90% of the babies have to go through a minor surgery of the tendons. This is called Achilles Tenotomy, in which the tight heel cord is released. The cut is extremely non-invasive and takes around 3 weeks to heal. At the end of this procedure, the tendon grows to the desired length and the clubbed foot gets completely cured.

Clubbed feet have a tendency to return to its original position. Therefore, doctors at the best hospitals in Hyderabad apply braces and you will have to follow the treatment program as directed. Most of the times, the child has to wear it full-time. The timeframe is eventually reduced to 12-14 hours a day. The bracing should be on for at least three months, along with exercises and wearing custom-made shoes.

Surgical Methods

If your child is born with a severe degree of clubbed feet or does not respond to non-surgical methods, a surgery is inevitable. There are two types of surgery: Less extensive and major reconstructive surgery. The ligaments, tendons and joints are lengthened and repositioned to achieve the correct shape.

Clubbed foot can be fully cured with the appropriate treatment and post-treatment care. Do make sure to search for “the best pediatrician near me,” so that your baby can lead a fulfilling and active life after treatment.

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