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How to choose the best child nutritionist in Chennai

How to choose the best child nutritionist in Chennai

The lack of even a single nutrient in diet can affect a child’s growth, both physically and mentally. Poor nutrition is difficult to compensate for once a child matures. For many parents in Chennai, understanding and meeting the nutritional needs of a child without the right guidance can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for new parents. In such cases, consulting a child nutritionist at a children’s hospital in Chennai can significantly help. A child nutritionist or dietician can help you every step of the way in understanding your child’s requirements, their medical history, physical activities, and other factors to come up with an appropriate diet/food chart.

Choosing the right dietician is, therefore, essential. Before you make a decision though, here’s some advice to help you choose one.

First things first, check for qualifications.

Understanding the qualifications of a child nutritionist

According to the Indian Dietetic Association, a registered dietician should have a degree and a post-graduate degree in Home Science or Food and Nutrition in a full-time course (not via correspondence). Therefore, check the degrees of the dieticians or nutritionists during the process of screening. As long as they hold relevant degrees, you should be safe from the point of view of authenticity and medical validity of the advice you’ll be receiving. To make things easier, consult a dietician or nutritionist at a renowned children’s hospital in Chennai. This way, you’ll be assured by the fact that the specialist is connected to a reputable entity. It can also help you benefit from some of the advantages of availing services at a hospital, such as their large network of specialists and emergency care facilities.

Once you’ve confirmed that the specialist has valid credentials, here are some tips to help you figure out which nutritionist will be the best fit for your child’s needs:

  1. Find out whether the dietician has worked with children before, or is this is their first time with your child
  2. Ask the nutritionist about her experience with fussy eaters and their ways of dealing with such cases
  3. Enquire about the latest guidelines on child nutrition, along with their approach towards every child
  4. Check if their analysis and methods include the child’s BMI and growth history. This is usually an important factor as understanding the growth the development of a child provides key information about their condition
  5. Keep in mind the attitude portrayed towards you – is the nutritionist accepting of your inputs? Does he/she answer queries well?
  6. Is the language regarding your child polite, or is there usage of derogatory words like ‘stubborn’ and ‘a pain’? Small things like these can make a difference in the type of treatment your child will receive

Remember that different children have different nutritional needs. Once you start consulting a nutritionist at a children’s hospital in Chennai, you should avoid comparing your child’s diet with other children. Focus on providing your child with the right amount of nutrients to keep them active throughout the day and support their physical development. Listen to what your nutritionist tells you and pave the way for healthy growth and development of your child.

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