5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes to Drive Away Monday Blues

5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes to Drive Away Monday Blues

Monday means motivation, to start something afresh! But tackling Monday Blues and keeping yourself on your toes could be a task. So what’s better than starting the day with a delicious breakfast? A wholesome meal will keep you positive and smiling all day long.

Take a look at these nutritious breakfast recipes to help you kick start your week.

  1. Steamed Bao Buns

Fluffy and warm bao buns make for a perfect breakfast, since they are light and easy to prepare. It is basically a part of Chinese cuisine and is slightly less sweet than dumplings. A perfect bao should be round and incredibly soft. This comes from rolling the dough and steaming the buns well. You can use diverse fillings, starting from vegetables to tofu and eggs. For a heavy meal, pulled pork or chicken would be a great idea.

2. Dirty Buns

Rightly called dirty, these buns are coated with thick chocolaty cream and covered with cocoa dust. This creates quite a mess while eating but is definitely worth a try! Bread flour, milk powder, butter, sugar, milk and water are the basic ingredients. Dirty buns can be customized according to your choice of cream and powder. These are sticky and chewy and will definitely get you through the Monday Blues.

3. Bread Rolls

Nothing says comfort better than bread rolls, when it’s a Monday morning. These are either baked or fried and don’t take a whole lot of time to cook. The stuffing is usually mashed potatoes. You can add ajwain, chopped chilies, coriander leaves, lemon juice and onions. You just have to mix them well and coat with flour. Deep fry well to make a crispy snack. You can also use vegetables of your choice like carrots and peas in winter. Dip in pudina or mint chutney for a tangy taste.

4. Burger Buns

Burger buns are fluffy and rich and have a crunchy exterior. You will require flour, butter, sugar, yeast and salt. Make sure you blend the ingredients to create soft dough. Deflate, shape and flatten well and let the buns puff up. You could brush the buns with melted butter. This will render a golden crust. Since summer is on its way, use less water for best results.  

5. Porridge

A hot bowl of porridge topped with nuts and fruits is what you need to cheer up your Monday mood. Add raspberries, strawberries, almond butter, chia seed, banana, apples, vanilla extract and syrup. You can use gluten free oats or any grain variety of your choice. Boil the water well and stir on a medium high flame for the right taste and flavor. You can try out new combinations of fresh ingredients for a fun breakfast.

A balanced breakfast means a lot of good health and less of stress. These recipes will perfectly fit your busy Monday morning schedule and keep your tummy full till your next big meal.

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